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Joan Richards, Secretary
Linnea Lakin Servey, Treasurer
Jay Moody, Director
Karen Silverthorn, Director

IN  MEMORIAM – Joy Peach 1932 – 2022

We, at the Lancaster Historical Society, have been saddened by the loss of our long-time member, officer and friend Joy Hartwell Peach who slipped away from us in the closing days of September, 2022.   Joy was a longtime avid and accomplished genealogist as well as a published writer. Through the years, she proved herself to be an invaluable resource for those numerous individuals seek-ing information about their early Lancastrian roots.  Joy, you are greatly missed and will long be remembered.  Rest gently!

Special Project Volunteers

Martha Moore, Hosmer Puppet Rehabilitation
Marcia Jakubowicz, Hosmer Dollhouse Rehabilitation
Timothy Kenny, Webmaster

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