Executive Board

Heather Lennon,  President
Joan Richards, Secretary
Linnea Lakin Servey, Treasurer
Ann Fuller, Director


The Lancaster Historical Society (LHS) has been deeply saddened by the sudden death of Executive Board Member Jay Moody on January 19, 2024.  As a longtime Lancaster resident, Jay proved to be a strong advocate for many historic projects sponsored and accomplished by the LHS.  And, he provided many important connections to sources for the promotion of regional history. 

As a member of the Boxborough Minutemen, Jay participated in their Color Guard at the unveiling of a Revolutionary War Monument held at Lancaster’s Middle Cemetery on Veterans Day in 2018.  His dedication to the concept of  “Saving the Best to Last” for Lancaster citizens was generous.  The experience he gained through the operation of his own HVAC business provided important insight regarding the installation of a new heating system in the former Lancaster High School Building now known as the Prescott Building. Further, Jay’s spirit and willingness to challenge the inexperience of others in the interest of open and fair-minded dialogue was a valued asset on all Boards and Committees where he served and participated in Lancaster through the decades.

We last saw Jay at our December 27, 2023 Executive Board Meeting, and, though shocked by his untimely death, he leaves us thankful for the positive example he set and for all he helped accomplish for the LHS and the Town.  Rest in peace Jay.

Special Project Volunteers

Martha Moore, Hosmer Puppet Rehabilitation
Marcia Jakubowicz, Hosmer Dollhouse Rehabilitation
Timothy Kenny, Webmaster

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