“Meeting of the Waters”: Nashua River Watershed Presentation – May 2022

The audience gathers and the program begins.

Laurie Johnson, pictured above, was the presenter from the Nashua River Watershed Association.

Showing the Watershed area.

Explaining of the mission of the organization.


We really enjoyed meeting the “Mother” of the Nashua River clean-up effort. Back in the 1960’s it was one of the 10 dirtiest rivers in the country. Today the Nashua runs ever so much cleaner. Thank you Marion Stoddart and all your supporters through this decades long project.
Marion’s birthday bouquet. She is soon to be ninety-four years young!Marion’s inspiring story was captured in documentary style several years ago.


Significantly, Lancastrians Bill and Phyllis Farnsworth were both instrumental with the Nashua River clean-up, the procurement of the Cook Conservation area and the Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge.
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The Lancaster Historical Society hired  Max Zoll of Clinton  to get this sign made and installed.

Max attaches the sign to the Center Bridge.

This sign now identifies an important  natural Lancaster landmark.

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