Message from the President

Dear LHS Members and Friends.

We had our first program of the year On Sunday, February 26, 2023 via ZOOM, “The Salem Witch Trials & John Willard”. The speakers were Rachel Christ, Director of Education and Jill Christiansen, Assistant Director of Education, Salem Witch Museum.  This high interest illustrated lecture was recorded and you can CLICK HERE to view..

Though more than three centuries have passed since this dark chapter in American history took place, the stories and details of its tragic events continue to stir the imagination. While many facts have been well documented, other details remain a mystery. Such is the case with Lancaster’s John Willard.  Though a member of a prominent and prosperous family who lived in colonial Lancaster of the day, his exact identity and many of the circumstances leading up to his death on Gallows Hill in Salem remain elusive. 

For our next program on May 7th we will be hosting a colorfully illustrated and highly informative lecture presented by Heather Lennon, President of the Lancaster Historical Society incorporating material research by LHS  Executive Board member, Karen Silverthorn on Lancaster’s Old Common and the Story of Native Son Horace W.S.  Cleveland.

During the recent holidays we held our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Holiday Luncheon, feel free to check out the photos from the event.

The LHS Executive Board and I are also happy also to report that we had an excellent turnout of fifty to sixty persons for our program featuring Herbert H. Hosmer, Jr..

Herbert H. Hosmer, Jr. Exhibit Now Open

If you missed it, a filming of the presentations is available for you to view here. And you can also see a video of Paul L’Ecuyer’s charming children’s book on Herbert prepared for presentation by our webmaster Tim Kenny. And, if you’re in town and would like to see the Exhibit by appointment, click here to get a sneak­peek.

Cleaning Rifles at Target Practice Fort Devens, MA

This season we also had another successful program on the History of Fort Devens and Lancaster’s South Post presented by Kara Fossey, Director, Fort Devens Museum. You may also view a video of that program as well, by clicking here.

Remember, we present historical information about Lancaster that you just can’t get anywhere else! We are still exploring, investigating, and weaving together little known story threads that begin in Lancaster and connect it not only to other areas in Massachusetts but also other parts of the country. Check back frequently for details!

Best Wishes,

Heather Lennon, President

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